Badoo: 7 Scary Things You Should Know About The Dreadly Cult Gang

Residents of Ikorodu now live in fear over incessant attacks of a dreadly cult group, Badoo – that has claimed tens and hundreds of innocent lives. Their method of killing is devilish, evil, abominable, and monstrous. 

But here are some more details you should know about the evil cult group:

1. They exclusively operate in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

2. They target homes that are in secluded areas and have easy access. This is so because when their victims scream no one can hear them.

3. They are not thieves. The popular belief is that they are ritualists. When they attack, they take certain body parts of their victims and wipe away the blood. They also rape female victims.

4. It is believed that the traditional rulers in Ikorodu are behind Badoo gang. When some of the gang members are caught, it is said that certain influential people orchestrate their release.

5. Their weapons of attack are bricks and mortars which they use to smash the skulls of their victims.

6. Three suspected Badoo cult members were burnt to few days ago. Chinedu Paul a.k.a ‘Think Twice’, a Nigerian MC was reportedly identified as one of the three men burnt to death.

7. Their recent attack was on a church at Owode Ajegunle, killing a pastor’s wife, daughter.

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