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NEWS: Political Heavyweights from Igala Land Endorse Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O as The Most Preferred

Recently at a gathering of political heavyweights from Igala land, the
candidacy of Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O became a topic for discourse consequent
upon the weight & demand his candidature is becoming & the acceptability by
all and sundry from Ankpa, Omala, Olamaboro federal constituency devoid of
party affiliations.

Who is this political underdog with a seeemingly uknown political party who
has slowly crept into the subconsciousnes of the federal constituency as
the most preferred when all other option’s are considered?

J.F.O is considered the bridge between yesterday, today & the future of the
federal constituency.
His track records of achievements from a little unknown but consistent Kogi
entertainer to becoming the second person in the heirachy of the Nigerian
music industry after having mentored almost all the big international names
in the industry from Kogi state is legendary.

They all agreed that all the other options from the various political
parties of that federal axis show an embarrassing array for the Igala race
when compared with the candidacy of Baba Ojonugwa , he represents the
positive & a vote for negativity will only send wrong signals to the
younger generation that the federal constituency condones & supports the
shameful considering the recent national image of that axis.
He is shoulders above the rest, the most preferred when all the other
options are considered and “better by far” a representative of the Igala
nation considering his antecedents over the years.

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