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Patient Dog Wrote a Fantastic Birthday wish to Tony one week 

Patient dog

Patient dog

Most people in your level and standard can’t be down to earth the way you are. In you I see a wealthy man still with fear of God.. It is said that you cannot read a letter from an envelope until you open it. After working with you for past couple of months, I discovered that there are still some good men in our society..you are a man with a golden heart, am not from idemili but I pray and suggest that all idemili North should vote you for whatever post you campaign for… patient dog I want us to do it like this. “WHAT DO YOU THINK”

this has always been your way of speech because you always believe that every human being has something to offer in any activity… Hon Tony Oneweek Muonagor TODAY YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY, I have nothing to show for it, all I can do is to tell the world how good you are… HAPPY  BIRTHDAY TO THE GYRATION KING (tony Oneweek)…
Tony one week Tony one week

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